Meeting With Cardinal Walter Kasper
By Dr David Silverstein

I received a phone call from the Nuncio secretary indicating that Cardinal Walter Kasper, the President of the Pontifical Council for Promotion of Christian Unity, was visiting Nairobi, and he requested me to meet with some Jewish Leaders. The meeting was set for 6 July 2005 at the Nuncio. Present besides the Cardinal were:

  • H E Archbishop Alain Lebeaupin, Apostolic Nuncio to Kenya
  • Bishop Cornelius Korir, Chairman of Kenya Episcopal Conference
  • Bishop Anyolo, Chairman for Ecumenism Commission, Episcopal Conference Kenya
  • Fr Moses Moraya, Deputy Secretary Journal of Kenya Episcopal Conference, and
  • Fr Julien Kabore, 2 nd Secretary of the Nunciature in Kenya.

Cardinal Kasper led the meeting. He related that he has been empowered by Pope Benedict to communicate with Jewish leaders throughout the Diaspora and Israel about his stand towards the Jewish people and anti-Semitism. He reviewed the history of the very strong stand that Pope John Paul II took against anti-Semitism. He explained that Pope Benedict wanted to make it clear that he would be continuing the policies of John Paul II. The close relations and warm feelings that the late Pope had towards Jewish people would certainly continue under Pope Benedict.

Cardinal Kasper took the opportunity to ask about the situation of the Jewish people in Kenya and indicated that he was delighted to hear that the relationship between the Jewish community and the general Kenyan Community was a warm one.